you know what I like? unicorns. There’s also already unicorns but is there a unicorn WIZARD??? i ask you this

My digimon would totes be a shitty wizard digimon. But not wizardmon. some new shitty wizard.

You know what show I really liked when I was a kid? digimon.

If you like to “reimagine” PoC, fat, old, grizzled, or any combination of the above characters as white, slim, young, ken/barbie dolls then goodbye i consign you to the depths

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Like the closest we have to the Gerudo in TP is Telma, and she seems to have either assimilated hylian, or is of mixed bloodline.

but we do know her house has a secret infiltration tunnel into Hyrule Castle, and suppressed people tend to want to resist their oppressors. Who knows who the “Group” was, in the past, before it rededicated to fighting Zant/Ganondorf?

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Anonymous said: I just realized that there is a 100-year gap between Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, according to the official timeline. Male Gerudos are born every hundred years. Ganon was sent into the Twilight Realm in between that gap. Assuming a second male Gerudo was born and raised during Ganon's absence, how do you think it would play out if Ganon were to return while the second king is still alive? (totally want this in the series imho, but I was wondering what your thoughts were on this)

The only worry I have is that like, there are no Gerudo in Twilight Princess.

And there’s a giant prison that seems to have been built over their cultural symbols.

And the last Gerudo king was executed, and the next two high-ranking Gerudo are presumably Twinrova. Who raised Ganondorf.

I want to be all idealistic and say “they migrated west over the sand and are living happily far away

But when your king is accused of high treason and is executed preemptively BEFORE he commits any crime

that does not exactly suggest hylian justice was limited just to him, or that it was in the least bit reasonable.

Basically my thoughts on this is that, well, the Gerudo seem to have come to a bad end between OOT and TP, and we don’t know exactly why but we do know that their leadership was executed without trial or pardon.

So that has some pretty terrible implications. As far as I am concerned, HH can try and fudge the timeline all it wants to say “aaaayyy they came back!” but the games themselves are all at once awkwardly silent about what happened to the Gerudo, yet bear terrible implications that if they’re oversight are horrific.

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Idk if I have ever said this but I tend to use “sapient” rather than “sentient” when referring to nonhuman, but humanlike, intelligences (though obviously humans are not “normal”, but in our real world they’re mostly the only spectrum of different intelligences we’d know.)

This is because sentience really only requires self-awareness, and many organisms are self-aware, but do not have humanlike (in ANY divergence, humanlike does not mean ‘neurotypical!’) cognition and cannot effectively communicate with humans, or have language and reasoning capacities equivalent to humans. Note that this does not place humans above other sentient creatures ideologically. Just that whether by biology or by choice, humans tend to be dominant over other organisms on earth, protecting and consuming farmed or domesticated strains of other life to survive.

But ‘sapience’ implies another organism is peer to humans, can reason and form language equivalently or even in ways superior to humans. It would be a crime, for example, to treat another sapient being as livestock or a slave whether or not they were human or otherwise. Because they share convergent minds or selves, doing so would not protect them from predation— they have their own agency to do that, and to remove it is not ethical.

I find this sort of important because we tend to do the “like humans, but blue” thing too often or to seperate fictional species into “like us” and “below us” categories even if we say they have a culture or have identities (example: orcs, etc.)

When we imagine ourselves not alone in the galaxy we tend to assume the galaxy is full of other humans, or things that are humans in costumes.

But we need to frame nonhuman, sapient beings as our peers, not removed cousins or just more of us.

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307.  Some muggleborns who used to do theatre/band/choir get fed up with the lack of a fine arts program at Hogwarts and start their own and many purebloods get really into it.

And purebloods in the art/painting group keep trying to use magical shortcuts to make art, or demand to learn how to make magic portraits, but they need to master the craft first so they end up making a hell of a lot of pseudosapient poorly-drawn doodle portraits, but some do settle down and make some great pieces— both magical and static.

But the poorly-animated magically moving doodle people become popular as assignment planner reminders and homework buddies so it all works out in the end.

so basically purebloods invented the magical version of clippy?

The very worst are like clippy. The best, perhaps, happened after an intro to cartooning workshop. You can trade like, a few knuts for a clippy-like, but if you want the good shit that actually says helpful things and isn’t a horrible scribble mess, you best bring out the gold.

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