“The budget is government’s show of commitment to things which could definitely come much lower in our list of priorities.”

Narendra Modi has unveiled his first budget as India’s new prime minister for the 2014-2015 fiscal year. This was India’s first glimpse at the type of leader he intends to become, and while some are applauding his plans for India’s development, others aren’t happy with the inclusion of a ‘wasteful’ $34-million statue.

Indian Prime Minister Modi’s First Budget Promises Lots of Change, Including an Expensive New Statue

The budget allocated for women’s safety is only about $25 million.



Japanese VR headset is first to claim to have eye-tracking built into the system. Backed by Microsoft Ventures, this could become the VR peripheral for the XBOX brand - video embedded below:

By tracking gaze position in real time it is possible to interact with and control objects on the screen in new ways.

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"tea is just leaf water!" "yeah well coffee is just bean water!" wow, it’s. it’s like everything is made of things. this door is just wood rectangle. this poster is just ink paper. this lemonade is just lemon water. wow, it’s like you can combine ingredients to make things that are more enjoyable than the initial parts of the equation. sure is a magical world we live in

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This is really important!

PoC excellence, Indigenous excellence, black excellence, is good and should be celebrated and recognized yes.

But please be responsible in doing so, because way to often it starts to feel like we’re only ever worth acknowledging if we’re like ten times better at a thing then white folks need to be before they get social approval.  
And it starts to feel like we’re required to be over achievers, and aren’t allowed to have disabilitys that make learning/functioning a real godam struggle, and we must conform to white ideas of what success is because this might be surprising but success is not a universal constant, it varies from culture to culture.

This is important you know coz I see all the time PoC, women and girls, and disabled people saying they don’t believe they have any thing of worth to contribute, they genuinely believe this, that a person can be born without worth. But I think worth is inherent, it’s just that sometimes it goes unrecognized in our social context were only certain talents/traits/characteristics/etc are valued, and were the value in our culture favors men, white folks, abled folks etc.

Even the idea of having to contribute, is false. As a hobby artist I’m always very appreciative when people consume my work.



Much to critical chagrin, Amazon was awarded a patent for what has commonly been simplified as “photographs with subjects against a white background.” In actuality, the patent granted to Amazon on March 18, 2014 is for a studio setup method to produce images featuring a seamless, shadow-less white background without digital retouching to extract the object or erase unwanted artifacts.

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UghhhHHHH the rage is so real!

Can we call out queer baiting…without putting other queers down maybe???
Coz listening to allo queers right now you’d think that:
Queerness is dependent on being in a sexual or romantic relationship or preferably both otherwise your queerness is revoked.
And that being queer in your own right independent of such a relationship is impossible.
And that friendship and queerness are mutually exclusive, and that there’s no such thing as a queer friendship.
NONE OF WHICH IS TRUE. Revolutionary I know, take a fuckin minute.  

Important post. No, really. 

Queerbatiting is bad, but it’s most widely mistaken to be about teasing queer romantic or sexual relationships.

In reality, queerbating is bad also because it devalues nonromantic or nonsexual relationships by framing friendship as a non-intimate space and intimate actions therein as baiting material and of exceptional interest as “clues” to the queer coding rather than as normal expressions of a non-romantic bond.

It frames platonic bonds as not even a bit queer and “safe” for the networks and censors and a cloak for the intimacy to slip past the radar.

In reality, we as a culture need to deal with the fact that intimacy is a part of so many non-sexual and non-romantic relationships and portraying a “friendship + intimacy” is not a twist or romantic tone in contrast to “normal friendships” where dudes (and mostly dudes, women get this treatment much less) must maintain a respectable no-homo distance, one-up each other’s masculinity, and talk about their girlfriends a lot or whatever.

People who are asexual and/or aromantic experience intimacy and close bonds without romance or sex and their relationships damn well are queer. The friendships often used to queerbait are also bait for aro and ace people because they’re told this queer expression isn’t really queer, it’s just  teasing for straight people.


Quietly leaves this here and shows myself to the door.



I love the bond that forms between students in an awful class

I remember at animation school, all the teens (especially the girls) and PoC students were profiled as disruptive, thieves, loud, and not serious about learning, to the point were those with authority were actively isolating us from each other so that we could not access solidarity, and so that bullying from the older, male, and white students could go un challenged.

I had this super obnoxious Contemporary Lit course in my senior year of college, it was an extra course for me and I had heard it was a good course— but not which professor taught it best.

So there were tons of education students in the course and the lit teacher absolutely hated anyone who staked out her course who wasn’t in the  lit department— despite that the education department classes her course as a possible requirement fulfillment. And I, who was taking it as a grade booster, she hated most of all; she had some kind of fixation on her course being HIGHLY IMPORTANT and TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY so someone who was just there ‘for the hell of it’ enraged her, especially when I was talkative during discussions and facilitated for the other students. She made practically every other student uncomfortable so the class was just -silence- when a student wasn’t sort of doing her job for her.

This made her angry. The other student who contributed a lot was actually a student with bipolar disorder, and was going on to become a primary school teacher and needed the course for her focus in English. She took heavy advantage of the disability resource center to help her but the professor considered it ‘not serious’ or ‘favoritism’ to just do the things she’s legally obligated to do like hold test alternative in the resource center for people who can’t take pop quizzes.

I had very little in common with this student but she was my best friend by week two. It’s amazing how a common enemy can bring people —powerful and skilled people, she was a stellar student along with her disability— together.

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Such polite barks

he gets up all excited the last time like YEAH I’M GONNA SPEAK YEAH WATCH THIS


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